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Determining The Location of Your Commercial Lease

Very often, tenants do not give enough thought to the physical positioning of their office. In order to best solidify a tenants need, a tenant should ask, "what is most important to me in finding an office space location?" This question contains many different answers and varies from person to person.

A tenant may say that proximity to a major transportation zone such as Penn Station or Union Square or Grand central station is key.

A tenant may also feel that the overall aesthetics of the area are crucial. In this case, a client who feels that Soho matches the overall aesthetic quality of the company may not want to consider space in the garment district as an option as the aesthetics of both areas vary greatly.

Another tenant may simply say that a competitive price is most important. In this case a tenant would most likely fit their needs in an area like the garment district as opposed to the Plaza District or Tribeca.

A client may also simply look for proximity to trendy restaurants for client entertainment purposes or for proximity to competitors. Whatever your needs may be, it is important to truly understand the factors that shape where you'd like to operate your business.

Make sure you work with a broker who can represent your needs fully and is experienced in dealing with all aspects of commercial real estate. Contact Erik Nissani of Willow Stone Realty to find out how he can work for you.