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Enter the number of each type of room in the "Number of Rooms" column to estimate the total rentable square feet (RSF) that your office space requires. These calculations are an estimate and should only be used as a guideline. It is best to you hire a space planner or architect to determine your precise office space requirements.

Description Dimension Number of Rooms Square Footage
 Board Room  15x25
 Conference Room 1  15x20
 Conference Room 2  13x15
 CEO's Office  15x20
 Office Option 1  10x15
 Office Option 2  10x12
 Office Option 3  10x10
 Office Option 4  10x8
 Manager Workstation  10x10
 Cubicle Option 1  6x8
 Cubicle Option 2  6x6
 File Library  15x25
 Copy & File Room Option 1  10x15
 Copy & File Room Option 2  8x10
 Copy Room  6x8
 Reception 1  20x25
 Reception 2  15x20
 Reception 3  15x15
 Pantry/Break Option 2  15x12
 Pantry/Break Option 2  15x20
 *Circulation Area (25%)  
 **Add on factor (35%)  
Total Rentable Square Feet (RSF)